Supervisor Training

  • HelpPeople Employee Orientation (15 – 30 minutes, flexible )
  •  Addressing Job Performance Issues with Employees
  •  Managing Conflict
  •  Harassment in the Workplace
  • Principles and Strategies of Successful Supervising
  •  Creating a Safe Workplace : The Reality and Impact of Workplace Violence
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training/Substance Abuse: DOT regulations
  • The Path to Resiliency – A Model for Supervisor Wellness
  • Dealing with Challenging Personalities
  •  Transitioning from Peer to Supervisor
  •  Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Most wellness seminars are one hour in length. They are interactive in style, using a mix of lecturing, overheads, pencil and paper exercises, group discussion, brainstorming, videotapes and role-play.